Top 4 Best Free Newsletter Plugins for WordPress

Newsletters are a great way for your company to communicate with clients and followers, and they can generate leads and sales that will help your business grow. Check our list and find out which plugin fits your needs

In this article we’ll introduce only 4 newsletter plugins for WordPress, there are a lot more but we selected the best and finest plugins for you, too much choice can sometimes be confusing.

1. Newsletter

newsletter plugin

The “Newsletter” plugin is one of the best plugin with currently with 300,000 active installations, this plugin let’s you have unlimited subscribers and send unlimited emails for free.

Here are the plugin’s most exciting features:
  1. Comes with a drag-and-drop responsive email composer to create perfect email for desktop and mobile.
  2. Email tracking with advanced statistics that let you know who’s opening your emails.
  3. Multi-list targeting and Subscriber list to fine-target your campaigns.
  4. Multi-language ready for blog that delivers content in multiple languages.
  5. Single And Double Opt-In plus privacy checkbox for EU laws compliance.

Using the “Newsletter” plugin, you don’t have to rely on third-party services, such as MailChimp or AWeber, it uses your web host to send emails. This is a good thing but may be a problem if you have a lot of subscribers and are using a poor web hosting. ( check web hosting we recommend )

But the developers have a premium module that seamlessly integrates the plugin with Amazon SES, a cloud-powered email delivery service that’s offered as a part of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Official Website

2. Hustle

hustle plugin

Hustle” plugin by wpmudev is a not only a plugin to build a mailing list it can also be used for targeted marketing, building a social following. Unlike the Newsletter plugin it comes with pop-ups, slide-ins features for a more aggressive approach.

Here are the plugin’s most exciting features:
  1. Easy styling, choose colors, animations, layouts, drop shadows, and display conditions from the easy-to-use design settings for pop-ups, slide-ins, email opt-ins, and social share bars.
  2. Targeted Display settings, use-time, on-click, scroll, location, position, page, post, login, category, tag, referral link, and device type to reach more users.
  3. Exit-intent, a favorite of professional marketers, that detects when visitors are about to leave your site and – BOOM! A pop-up or slide-in to grab their attention..
  4. Measure performance and results : three handy metrics to help you make better marketing decisions including stats on how many times forms are displayed and submitted and conversion rates.

Unlike the “Newsletter” plugin, you will have to rely on third-party services, such as MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, AWeber etc…

The good thing is that it will not use your server resources to send mails but you will have to register to a third-party service to get it to work.

Official Website

3. SendPress

sendpress plugin

SendPress” plugin is a passive newsletter plugin, it allows you to create a simple newsletter registration field with a simple editor. With an code-free experience to create your newsletter campaign.

Here are the plugin’s most exciting features:
  1. Unlimited Subscribers & Unlimited Responsive Newsletters with tracking.
  2. Simple editor. With an code-free experience, customizable subscription widget, page or custom form.
  3. Customizable Newsletter Templates with easy to use theme styler.
  4. Stat tracking for each email: clicks, opens and unsubscribes.
    Send with your web host or Gmail for free.

The SendPress plugin, compared to the other two we already introduced is a simpler plugin, it is still a really good plugin but without a very detailed, modern interface. If you are an old-school player then maybe this plugin will feel more intuitive.

Official Website

3. MailPoet

mailpoet plugin

With MailPoet your website visitors can sign up as newsletter subscribers and build your mailing list, all without leaving your WordPress admin. Their newsletter builder is integrated in WordPress and is easy to use, create emails from scratch or by using their responsive templates that display flawlessly across all devices.

Here are the plugin’s most exciting features:
  1. Amazing drag and drop email builder ready.
  2. Schedule your newsletters, send them right away or set it up to send new blog post notifications automatically in just a few clicks.
  3. Send automated signup welcome emails

The MailPoet plugin, compared to the other plugin is more limited in the features it offer but has a builder and templates that is maybe a little more intuitive for the users. Unless the other plugins it is not multi-site ready or rtl / multilanguage ready and have a 2000 subscribers limit with its free version.

Official Website


If you want an aggressive popup style newsletter then we recommend the Hustle plugin.
If you need a simple newsletter with a powerful template builder and don’t want to rely on third-party services then the Newsletter is for you.
If you want to use a third-party services and still have a nice drag & drop email builder than MailPoet is for you ( 2000 subscriber limited with the free plan ).
If you prefer a simple and “old school” interface then we recommend SendPress with their unlimited subscribers and responsive newsletters.

There are a lot more newsletter plugins, free and premium, but the one we introduced seems to be doing all the things a big or small business needs. If you have any questions about the plugins do not hesitate to leave us a comment!

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